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About Us

We've all experienced having a issue with a machine at one point or another. It can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially for a business that needs data quickly! This thought process brought us to develop our 3 tier Business Maintenance Plans and Scaled Residential Repair Services.


Business & Personal IT Solutions


TO IMPROVE YOUR life through either business or personal it work and maintenance.


Back in 2012 the founder of Generation 3 was tired of seeing businesses and residential clients alike being abused by the high rate for simple and sometimes over looked maintenance. This never sat right when a simple fix would cost more than the machine was worth. Since then we have been able to keep forging lasting relationships with our clients by sticking to our Golden Service Guide.

  1. Treat the issue like it is your personal issue.
  2. Always give an honest assessment, if you wouldn’t do it yourself let the customer know to workout the next step
  3. Always keep on the same page with clients and generation 3, no one likes to feel taken advantage of.
  4. Never guarantee a repair time, this sticks with keeping as transparent and honest relationships as possible.
  5. Record and document every step and every movement, keeps a timeline and accountability.